In Our Community

Phil Long Ford of Raton believes in empowering our youth by providing opportunities and activities for them to participate in to make a positive impact in their lives.


Lemonade Day

We were honored to support our youth on Lemonade Day, Saturday, July 2nd! Through our partnership with Grow Raton, The Center for Community Innovation, and other local businesses within our community, we were able to donate $1,500 to help start-up ten lemonade stands throughout the city! Shout out to:

  • A & K Lemonade
  • Happy Nade
  • Confetti Lemonade
  • Space Ranger Lemonade
  • Tasty Dreams
  • Heavenly Lemonade
  • A+ Lemonade
  • Lucious Lemonade
  • Firework Lemonade
  • Super Electric Lemonade

Putting the heART in Raton

On April 20th, 2022 we partnered with KRTN, Raton Arts Humanities Council, Shuler Theater and the Santa Fe Trail School for the Performing Arts to give our local kids a new hope for their futures by showing them there are different paths to personal success and happiness, and that the performing arts can be one of them. Our collective organizations gave students an opportunity to perform a unique and interactive rendition of "Bugsy Malone," which is a wholesome and comedic play about two gangs, comprised of children, facing off in a 1920's Capone-like rivalry against each other.

Together, we were able to make a positive impact on our youth by showing them that they do not need to be afraid of what the future may bring, as long as they put their best foot forward.

The amount of gratitude our children showed for this is amazing, and we appreciate all of the heartfelt thank you cards!

Wear Blue for Brandon Day

We came together to support Brandon, a 12-years-old local, who is a victim of a hit-and-run accident and suffered major brain injury. The organized day helped to raise support for Brandon's family while building awareness of the negative impacts of unsafe driving.

Raton Supercross

We were also proud to sponsor Raton Surpercross; a Motorcross racing event designed for all ages to show just how much fun Motorcross can be. Riders were able to compete within their bracket for various prizes throughout the weekend event at the Colfax County Event Center and Rodeo Ground.

Mt. Carmel Wellness and Community Center

Founded in 2011, Mt. Carmel Wellness and Community Center (WCC) of Trinidad offers medical and behavioral health services in partnership with Salud Family Health to aid low-income, medically underserved populations.

Thanks to our customers, Mt. Carmel WCC has engaged the Trinidad community over 23,000 times through programs, healthcare, dental visits, and more in 2021! alone!

Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center 

With help from our customers, Mt. Carmel has served more than 12,000 unique clients with over 88,000 recorded client visits throughout since it first opened!

Mt. Carmel Veteran's Service Center (VSC) was established in 2016 to support our local, active-duty military members, veterans and their families. Mt. Carmel VSC is a multi-service center that offers assistance in:

  • Transition and Employment
  • Veteran and Family Resources
  • Behavioral Health and Wellness

United Way

Since our doors opened, we have been a part of Phil Long's partnership with United Way and its chapters to raise funds for local communities. Through United Way, we are able to enhance youth success and family stability within our community.